Trainee Program
During their chosen shift a trainee will
experience all of the jobs involved in
operating and managing a barn. These
include everything from, cleaning stalls,
to grooming horses to scheduling
lessons. This first hand experience gives
students a deeper understanding of the
barn and the horses they work with.
Throughout their time in the program
Students gain strength, confidence, and
the problem solving skills necessary to
be successful in horsemanship and in life
as a whole.  In order to give our students
a broad range of knowledge we integrate
elements of art, culture, and business,
into a program that is fun and engaging.
“ The program has combined learning activities, character building
opportunities and has allowed her to make some friendships and
memories that will last a lifetime ”
Angela Wright (trainee mom)
We believe that every rider should have a well rounded equestrian education.
Our Trainee program gives students the opportunity to learn all aspects of
horsemanship in a hands-on environment.  Based on a direct connection
between time spent working in the barn and ride time, students gain
knowledge and an appreciation for all things equine. A cost effective
alternative to a traditional lesson program, students earn one hour of ride
time for every four hours in the barn.
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